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Obtain packaged solution pricing or schedule an online product demonstration quickly, simply & confidentially! We provide same day response to all inquiries.


Re-defining the standard for IT solution provision in the 21st Century.


Making IT as simple as signing up, logging on & starting work.


Bringing you the very best packaged solutions from around the world. 


Ten consecutive years of exclusive focus on the IBM-Lotus platform. 

Our "Sign Up - Log On - Start Work" vision is soon to be realized via this new portal that is intended to make access to strategic business software solutions as simple as logging on to Facebook.  

The new portal will offer a comprehensive menu of business software applications that are delivered as fully online services for those who want to be able to subscribe to a service that delivers the required business result within minutes of them signing up and logging on and for them to then be able to use that service only for as long as they need it.

This is truly the 21st Century Way for Business IT Service Delivery!!!

We're not saying that you will never either need or simply choose to invest in your own internal business IT infrastructure, what we're saying is that you now don't need to rely solely upon that infrastructure to deliver the competitive advantage that you seek.

Any time that your IT people tell you that it can't be done, shouldn't be done, will take three months to implement etc etc, simply take a look at what you can simply sign up to, log on and start working with. You may ne pleasantly surprised.

The initial portfolio of business solutions on offer will range from simple yet powerful list management and list sharing tools to drive fully mobile, field-based operations, through online policy & procedure management solutions, all the way up to complete "Run Your Business" solutions for "Traders" (ie any business focusing on the non-retail based purchase and sale of capital goods or equipment), generic "Service Providers" (ie any business focusing on service or repair services rather than purchase and sale of equipment or goods) and "Professional Practices" (ie CPA's, Medical & Law).

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