Key Deliverable #1: Reduction Of Your Operating Costs

If you use Lotus Notes for email then you already have one of the most powerful platforms in the world for reducing your operating costs!

So why do so many organizations use Lotus Notes purely for email and ignore the many other capabilities of the Notes-Domino platform? Well, experience tells us that the answer to that has little to do with the actual capabilities of the platform and far more to do with organizational politics and your CXO's personal preferences ..or dare we say, limitations.

Here at EBSG we know - from first hand experience - how many operating costs generally accepted as being "unavoidable" can be driven completely out of your business. We have experience of working with many of the most successful organizations around the world who know this apparent "secret" as well and who continue to invest in the platform to further reduce their operating costs and to assist in their ongoing market sector dominance.

We also have experience of working with those organizations who listened to that highly articulate consultant to their recently appointed - and equally recently departed - CIO who decided to migrate to "some other email platform" without ever actually calculating the real cost of so doing or ever bothering to work out how to replace all the Notes-Domino applications that are in use around the organization in timely fashion.

If you want to know what the platform that you already have within your organization can or cannot do then why don't you talk to an expert rather than someone with an axe to grind ... or out to make an impact ... or to keep his budget ... or to ....

It just seems like stone cold common sense to us that you explore what you can do with what you already have before ripping and replacing with the completely unproven "next big thing"!

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