Guiding Principle #2: Listening Before Advising

To paraphrase one of the oldest cliche's in the world; We all have two ears and one mouth, so we should use them in that order and in that ratio.  

Listening before advising is an operating principle that few would actually argue with, but how many potential suppliers out there only pay lip-service to that principle and advise the same course of action irrespective of what they hear from you in the first instance. That scenario arises more commonly than you may think and stems from the fact that too many potential suppliers only having one possible solution to supply you with, whether or not that solution is the right one for you. So guess what they're going to advise you to do!!!

Here at EBSG, we not only have access to perhaps the broadest portfolio of the very best, off-the-shelf packaged applications, tools and utilities available from a single source on the market today, but we also have access to perhaps the largest global professional network of independent Notes-Domino technologists as well, so if the solution that you need is not available in off-the-shelf form then we'll be able to find you a specialist to build it.

And if all that's not enough, our commitment to giving completely impartial guidance and advice means that we often recommend solutions that we know of from organizations that we do not actually represent if we feel that they have something to offer as we'd rather you see us as a credible source of advice than as an organization that simply wants to sell you something.

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