Guiding Principle #5: Walking Our Talk

To paraphrase another well know cliche, we'd always recommend that you be wary of those who recommend that you, do as they say rather than as they actually do.  

It seems like stone cold common sense to us that you should only ever accept guidance or advice from those whose every action is wholly consistent with their spoken word, and yet we constantly compete against those who promote one solution while actually using a completely different solution for the same purpose themselves.

In the spirit of walking our own talk here at EBSG, we have always used as many of the solutions that we develop, promote and-or sell to run our own business. It may not always be either possible or necessary from an operational perspective to use absolutely every one when you have as broad a portfolio as we do but rest assured that our entire organizational infrastructure and every core application that we use - with the exception only of our accounting package - is IBM-Lotus, Notes-Domino based.

We make a point of using absolutely as many of the solutions that we recommend as possible and often also evaluate and use for a period of time some competing technologies and applications so that we may draw objective comparison that is based on actual, real world use, but have found absolutely no single, competing technology during the last 15 years that comes anywhere close to delivering the overall operational benefits that Notes-Domino itself gives us.

Our recommendation of the Notes-Domino platform is based far more on our experience of the business benefits deliverable rather than on some superficial "latest and greatest" technological or brand preference. 

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