Creative Idea #5: Our Sponsorship Of The Global XDX Project

The Global XDX Project is a global marketing initiative sponsored by EBSG that is intended to re-energize what we all know (and still commonly refer to as) the global Notes-Domino community, by establishing a means through which the entire community can contribute towards achieving what IBM itself has failed miserably to do these past few years, ie to successfully support, promote and expand the use of the Lotus branded technology set and any associated product.

Lofty goals maybe. But if we don't believe then why should anyone?

The XDX acronym was chosen as an easy way to describe the XPages, Domino & XWork community, which we feel describes more accurately what the Notes-Domino community is becoming. It also affords us the opportunity to follow IBM's lead in "de-emphasising" the Lotus, Notes & Domino product branding, which unfortunately have become almost "negative" brand and product names in the market.

The market has been telling us all for years that Lotus Notes is just an email client so the Global XDX Project will embrace rather than fight that message and present Lotus Notes for what it truly is, the richest email client that works natively with IBM's growing portfolio of web, mobile & social business technologies ... which we refer to within the context of this initative simply as the XDX technologies. At the end of the day, XDX is simply an acronym. It's an easier way to refer to the growing portfolio of IBM collaboration solutions - most, but not all of which are still part of the Lotus brand - than having to list them all out individually by name. However;

IBM is re-branding all things formerly Lotus, so why not us too?

For the purposes of this project we define the existing Global XDX Community as any person who and-or organizational entity that currently either uses or works with any part of the XDX technology set as previously described. In this way the project seeks to embrace, involve - and ultimately to connect - as much of The User Community to as much of The Provider Community on a much more close and personal level than ever before.

Why not actually practice, rather than just promote, social business?

As primary sponsor of the project, EBSG has commited to the establishment and delivery of a mix of highly visible resources combined with some very tangible ongoing services intended not only to support this project but to also be of generic benefit to the overall community, as a whole. These are;

  • 1. A dedicated, Global XDX Project, social business website - Details coming soon.
  • 2. A dedicated, (& ongoing) Social Media Marketing Campaign - Details coming soon.
  • 3. A dedicated, Global XDX Sales, Marketing & Support Service - Details coming soon.
  • 4. A dedicated, Global XDX Solution Theatre & Evaluation Site - Details coming soon.
  • 5. A dedicated, Global XDX Career Development Program - Details coming soon.


Rather than complain that IBM isn't doing enough, why not just do it ourselves?  

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