Creative Idea #3: Our Special Programs For Service Delivery

Each of EBSG's Special Programs for Professional Service Delivery are intended to provide a fully packaged service that delivers something that you cannot get elsewhere.  

Our Special Programs are intended to be as innovative as they are unique and are intended to fill what we see as gaps in the traditional, professional service delivery market and provide a further means of differentiating EBSG from the rest of the "Me Too", Notes-Domino professional service delivery providers.

In many cases, our Special Programs are specific examples of what can be achieved by combining some of our individual service concepts or by applying one of those concepts to a very specific and commonly required purpose.

Our Application Adoption program for example could embrace elements of Service-Plus, RAM-Mobilization and Development Level Support dependent upon the specific requirements of the project at hand. On the other hand, it may only use Service-Plus to deliver rapid web-enablement of a legacy application.

Underpinning each of our Special Programs are the concepts that; i. An expert will always get the job done more quickly than the average practitioner, but an expert armed with the right productivity tool will get the job done significantly faster, & ii. Why pay for the full-time services of a small number of in-house experts when you can access a far broader range of expertise and only pay for it when you need it via one or more of the EBSG Special Programs.

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