SellSmart for IBM-Lotus Domino

The EBSG SellSmart Solution ["SellSmart"] is probably best described quite simply as a generic Sales Force Automation [SFA] Solution, but just like ConnectSmart - our contact management solution - it is a solution that has been completely reworked and optimized for use here in the 21st Century within the context of the far more connected, social business world of today.

Put another way, SellSmart is our SFA Solution that embraces all of the functional concepts developed initially for - and available within - our ConnectSmart, contact management solution and then both extends and applies those concepts to the broader, yet equally specific discipline, of sales force automation. 

What's the difference between Contact Management and Sales Force Automation? After 20 or more years of experience in this area, we'd say Sales Lead Tracking, Sales Pipeline Management, Sales Forecasting, Structured Bid-Proposal Generation & comprehensive Management Reporting relating to all of the above. 

Selling professionally has always been challenging. Selling professionally, efficiently and effectively even more so. Selling in the 21st Century may - on balance - be no more challenging than it was in the 20th Century, but what many organizations overlook is the fact that the rules of engagement have changed fundamentally. 

Sales will undoubtedly always be a numbers game, but some of the numbers relating to many 20th Century sales practices simply no longer add up. 

No-one seems to answer the phone these days. Leaving a voicemail callback request is becoming virtually pointless. An increasingly high percentage of your "targeted" mass-email gets delivered directly into the intended recipients Junk Mail folder and may even succeed only in getting your organization black-listed for spam. And is there even any point today in sending out printed sales or promotional materials as a mailshot to a purchased list of contacts? 

But that is only half of the SFA challenge. What about the other half? The half posed by your own salesforce and revolving around actually getting them to use the SFA system in the first place. 

Most SFA systems designed in the 20th Century and still in operational use virtually require your sales personnel to sit down at a Desktop PC or to open up their Laptop to enter data, which many see either as taking precious time out of their day or as being too intrusive in front of clients. 

A truly 21st Century SFA Solution focuses on broadening the vision of your sales people in terms of when and how to reach out to their prospective customers and delivers the information that they need to the device of their choice - be that a Smartphone, a Tablet, a Laptop or a Desktop - in as flexible and unintrusive a manner as possible. 

Whether used reactively only to access contact information as and when it is needed or more proactively to stay on top of pipeline management & outreach schedule, SellSmart gives your sales force all the tools that they need to stay on top of things and ahead of the competition at all times. 

SellSmart. Sales Force Automation Redefined for the 21st Century.

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