SellSmart - Mobile Edition

The EBSG SellSmart-ME Solution ["SellSmart-ME"] is a version of EBSG's full SellSmart Solution for Domino that has been optimized for use with SmartPhones and Tablets and can be deployed either as a mobile extension to a wider SellSmart implementation or as a stand-alone mobile solution in its own right.

The whole premise behind SellSmart-ME is to give your sales force what they say they have always wanted, ie an SFA solution that is less intrusive, takes less time to update and helps rather than hinders their primary purpose in life.

With SellSmart-ME your sales force can stay in touch, be where they need to be and do what they need to do - all the while keeping you informed of any relevant outcomes - using simply a smartphone or a tablet.

Deploying SellSmart-ME finally gives your sale force what they have always said they need and want and gives your sales managers a means of getting up close and personal with their sales teams without the need to constantly ride shotgun on sales calls.

SellSmart-ME fully supports the generic disciplines of Contact Management, Activity Management, Letter & Email Logging, Mass Emailing, Sales Lead Tracking, Sales Pipeline Management and Sales Forecasting as well as the more specialized disciplines of Contact Relationship Development, Auto-Suggested Call Planning and Sales Win-Loss Analysis.

Whether you are looking for a full blown Sales Force Automation solution or simply a state-of-the-art Contact Management solution that will allow you to stay completely on top of things while on-the-go, SellSmart-ME undoubtedly has something to offer you.  


SellSmart-ME. Mobile Sales Force Automation For The 21st Century.

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